Ehpro eTank S2 Subohm Tank 5ml

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About Ehpro eTank S2 Subohm Tank 5mlEhpro is a popular vape company that has earned a name for itself due to its consistent demonstrated ability to cr..

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About Ehpro eTank S2 Subohm Tank 5ml

Ehpro is a popular vape company that has earned a name for itself due to its consistent demonstrated ability to create top-quality vapes that withstand the test of time. This company strives to create as various a selection of products as they can, and each one has its own merits. Here, you will find a huge selection of Ehpro vapes to choose from, no matter what your tastes are, and each one is offered at a cost-effective price.

With no frills, the Ehpro eTank S2 Subohm Tank is every bit as powerful as the more decorative models on the market without being flashy. This tank features an ultra-large capacity of five milliliters, helping to extend the time between refills. When it does come time to fill, you can enjoy the convenience of the top filling design that also helps to prevent leaking. The copper pin helps to make it more conductive which makes the battery usage more efficient.

Ehpro eTank S2 Subohm Tank - 5ml

Product introduction


Size (length * diameter): 54mm x 22mm

Materials: stainless steel, pyrex glass

Capacity: 5ml

EHPRO eTank S2 comes with

  • 1 x eTank S2 tank (0.2ohm MSVC coil pre-installed), black
  • 1 x 0.5ohm MSVC coil
  • several o-rings
  • 1 x User Manual

Simple packing. Customary Packing from the factory, the packing is subject to change without notice.

Detailed Instructions


Innovative Top Filling Design

Cooper positive pin with better conductive properties

Smaller pre-made coil head

Big Capacity

Operation Guide

How to assemble the tank: insert the MSVC coil head into the base, then screw the AFC (air flow control) section onto the base, the first part assembly is finished; then install the glass tube and top cap; lastly, put on the drip tip on.

How to change coil heads: hold the base in your hand, then rotate the chimney counterclockwise; unscrew the base counterclockwise, then pull out the coil head; replace with a new coil head and tighten the base. It's done.

How to add e-juice: rotate the AFC ring counterclockwise until the valve can go no further; unscrew the top cap. fill the tank via the inlet up to the visible indicator - the groove (the AFC ring needs to remain sealed during this process). After filling, thread the top cap back on clock-wise. Please make sure it isn't overfilled. You will have overfilled the tank if liquid filled reaches higher than the groove.

Note: it will be prudent to wait 5 minutes before vaping, to let the cotton get fully saturated.

Order Tips

  • Ehpro eTank S2 Subohm Tank 5ml contains 510 thread, can work with most 510 threaded batteries.

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